Sales Tax Reports

Preparing and filing sales and use tax returns each month is a time-sensitive, deadline-driven process that repeats on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Why not leverage the expertise of a dedicated sales and use tax resource?  Our company offers return preparation & filing service, we perform the following work:

  • Data review
  • Return preparation
  • Return submission (Internet)
  • Payment remittance (check or electronic funds transfer)
  • Correspondence from state agency regarding your sales tax account

IFTA and Highway Tax Reports

Under IFTA, motor carriers file a single quarterly fuel tax report with their base jurisdiction. The IFTA report determines the taxes owed or the refund due. It can then redistribute the taxes to each member jurisdiction. It is based on the number of miles driven in that particular jurisdiction.

IFTA tax filing may seem complicated and confusing. Once you understand the basics of IFTA reporting, you’ll see that it is a much more convenient and sensible process. With IFTA, you can quickly and easily complete your fuel tax reports for the quarter using the Department of Revenue’s online IFTA Fuel Tax System and ensure that you remain compliant with IFTA reporting requirements. That way, you can focus on doing what you do best – driving.

Form 2290- Highway Use Tax

If you would like help with your form 2290 eFiling, give us a call. Provide us with your vehicle details, and we will fill the form out on your behalf. You will receive your stamped Schedule 1 within minutes.